Friday, January 4, 2008

You too can go Green!

So, I know you may not watch Oprah but she is by far the most Supreme female role model to me. Therefore, I have dedicated a section of this blog to Oprah. Our first installment of Oprah Says is dedicated to Planet Earth. Did you know that we are killing planet earth at lightening speed? Maybe you did, but, did you also know that you can do something about it? Inspired by Oprah, here are some ways you too can go green!

1. Recycle newspaper, plastic containers, soda cans and glass. Usually the sanitation department picks up these items with your trash at least once a week. Remember when you recycle, containers and bags should be rinsed out first if dirty!

2. Don't use paper or plastic in the supermarket. Tell whoever does the grocery shopping in your home to use reusable canvas bags!!! But if you do have to use plastic bags, supermarkets like Publix have an area in the front of the store where you can drop off used grocery bags. You can also save plastic bags for projects, garbage bags, storage, etc!

3. Conserve water! When you brush your teeth in the morning, turn the water off while brushing.

4.When washing dishes, fill the sink up with soapy water and wash all of the dishes first. Then fill another sink with clean water. Dip dishes in this to rince off!! Don't use the dishwasher unless it is completely full. Same goes with the washing machine!

5. Take shorter me, you can clean your body in ten to 15 minutes (30 minutes is just crazy!)

6. Turn off the lights! When you leave a room, turn off the lights. When you enter a room, turn them back on! Also, turn off televisions and appliances when they aren't being used.

7. Unplug it! Even when things are plugged in, they still use electricity. Tell your people that they can save money by taking things like blenders, radios, toasters, etc. out of the wall when they aren't being used (or use a power strip).

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