Thursday, February 25, 2010

Props: X-Treme Motion Dance Team

The X-treme Motion crew from "America's Best Dance Crew" (ABDC) was one of the dance crews competing on Season 5 of the MTV reality series. X-treme Motion is from Houston, Texas, and is competing initially against other crews from the South. The X-treme Motion crew members are Chloe Barnes, Dominique Coleman-Perry, Olivia Harris, Jermani Justice, Precious Lowe and Trecia Mallet.

The members of the X-treme Motion crew are former Texas Southern University majorettes. X-treme Motion brought their bootylicious bucking style to the mainstream stage. The high energy, acrobatic, and stunt-filled Southern belles were on a mission to show the world their majorette style of dance is "often imitated but never duplicated." The X-treme Motion crew's style is influenced by both Street Jazz and Hip-Hop, but what really makes them distinct is an intense booty shaking move they call "BUCKIN."

Even though they didn't win, we luv their style!

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