Friday, August 8, 2008

NYC Adds Double Dutch Rope Jumping as School Sport

The popular urban street pastime called double dutch, in which competitors jump between two ropes twirled eggbeater-style, is getting more recognition, becoming an officially sanctioned sport in New York City high schools. School officials say adding double dutch to the calendar should get hundreds of students participating in an enjoyable aerobic activity.

"We're always thinking, what do we need to do to get more kids playing?" said Eric Goldstein, chief executive of the Public School Athletic League.

Double dutch will be a spring sport this coming school year after basketball season is over and there is space in the gyms. According to the National Double Dutch League, Dutch settlers brought the game to New York in colonial times - hence the name.

I think double dutch is a lost art. I think little girls everywhere need to get out their jump ropes and get to it!

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