Monday, August 11, 2008

Altanta radio host Rashan Ali starts nonprofit for girls in sports

Hot 107.9 morning host Rashan Ali got a full scholarship at Florida A&M in swimming, a fairly uncommon sport for African American women. So she has created a nonprofit called Sporty Girls where she nurtures minority girls in sports such as soccer, tennis, golf and her sport swimming. On Saturday, she held a charity swim meet to raise funds for her group.

“I really want to encourage girls to try sports they may not think could help them later,” Ali said after the meet, which was held at the natatorium at Washington Park not far from Morehouse College. Still dripping from water, she had just finished winning her own 50-yard freestyle.

She just held a camp for 18 girls, ages 9 to 14. She’d love to raise enough cash one day to build her own sports academy instead of renting or borrowing space. “I like to think big,” she said.

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