Thursday, May 15, 2008

Girl's exercise may prevent breast cancer when they get older

It may not be important now, but having breast cancer isn't something you look forward to. So, if you can prevent it now, what not give it a try? That means, get your butt off of the couch and get outside!!! New research shows exercise during the teen years -- starting as young as age 12 -- can help protect girls from breast cancer when they're grown.

Researchers tracked nearly 65,000 nurses ages 24 to 42 who enrolled in a major health study. They answered detailed questionnaires about their physical activity dating back to age 12. Within six years of enrolling, 550 were diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause. A quarter of all breast cancer is diagnosed at these younger ages, when it's typically more aggressive.

Women who were physically active as teens and young adults were 23 percent less likely to develop premenopausal breast cancer than women who grew up sedentary, researchers report Wednesday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Hey, it doesn't hurt! You'll be healthy and be be able to wear all those halters and shorts from Forever 21 at the same time!

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