Monday, May 26, 2008

Black cheerleaders banned from Indian cricket show

According to UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, two cheerleaders hired to entertain crowds at India's Twenty20 cricket premier league have accused organisers of racism.

Ellesha Newton and Sherinne Anderson say they were banned from performing because they had "dark skin" and told to sit out of the opening routine at the India Premier League's inaugural match in Chandigarh.

They said they were left sobbing as Team Chennai and Team Mohali took to the field and that event organisers told them only "white girls" would be allowed to perform. Ms Newton, 22, from Islington, said they had been called "n*****s" and banned from performing.

She said: "An organiser pulled us away. He said the people here don't want to see dark people. The n***** word was used and they said they only wanted beautiful white girls."

Ms Anderson, 25, from Hayes, added: "This kind of thing has never happened to us not in Europe, not here, nowhere. We are offended."

The All India Democratic Women's Association, said: "Stopping anyone performing on the basis of colour of skin is not only illegal but unconstitutional. Racism is rarely discussed in India, but African visitors and immigrants from Nepal face regular abuse.

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