Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Years of Study Data Finds African American Girls Benefit When They Eat Breakfast

The pathway to better health for teenage girls starts with the first meal of the day and when they make a good-for-me choice their odds of having a healthier body weight and lower cholesterol improve. Based on analysis of the girls’ food diaries, breakfast cereal eaters tended to have lower waist-to-height ratios, an indicator of healthy body weight, lower total cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol.

 One of the healthiest breakfast choices in the 10-year study was fortified ready-to-eat cereal, which helped boost the nutrient content in the girls’ diets. Analyses of the study results found that ’tween and teen girls who regularly ate cereal for breakfast relative to 24 other reported breakfast foods were less likely to be overweight, had healthier body weights and lower cholesterol. A recent report indicates that 24 percent of African-American girls aged 12 to 17 are overweight, compared to 15 percent of white girls.

“Starting the day right with a bowl of cereal topped with fruit, milk and a glass of orange juice is a smart choice and one that more girls need to make,” Palmer said. “I’m asking girls to pledge on Facebook to eat breakfast so they can help themselves and someone in need, too.” Palmer is encouraging girls aged 14 to 17, to visit as a step toward better health and to lend a helping hand to girls in need.

 I<3BKFST, translated as I HEART BREAKFAST, is designed to appeal to and help educate teens and their parents and guardians and it borrows its name from the popular text symbol for love <3. Teens may visit, where they will first like the IHEARTBKFST page and then pledge to eat breakfast

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