Sunday, June 6, 2010

Keke Palmer Says TV Needs More Young Black Women

Keke Palmer became a star at just 11 years old, getting the attention of movie critics and Oscar-winning actors. But for the last few years she's been building a following of younger fans and peers. She tells CNN she wants to present a positive example for young girls in both her music and acting.

"There are not many young African-American women on TV. I want young girls to see that it's normal, that it's natural to see a young black girl on TV. If they see it enough times..then they'll know it's possible."

And she refuses to use sex appeal to build a career for herself. "I haven't been nude in anything in my whole life...You don't have to do anything crazy to make your dreams come true."

Of course at 16, she's still a few years to young to broadcast her sexuality for popularity. although that hasn't stopped stars like Taylor Momsen from doing exactly that.

Because of the positive messages she sends to young African-American girls, the NAACP honored Keke with an image award, earning her a nod from First Lady Michelle Obama.

That's right, the Obamas watch True Jackson, VP.

Why can't more young stars have the confidence to rely on their talent and work ethic instead of getting attention with sexuality or debauchery?

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