Monday, December 15, 2008

MEMO: Saggy Pants are not cute!

Tell your man to put on a belt!!!

Morehouse College recently began to take on saggy pants, cursing looking to promote ‘Renaissance man’

“Obama Won; Now Pull Up Your Pants” was the headline on a post-election column by Justin M. LaGrande, lifestyle editor of The Gramblinite, the newspaper of the historically black Grambling State University in Louisiana. “Obama isn’t sagging his pants,” LaGrande wrote.

Obama himself said in an MTV interview shortly before the election that he opposes laws and ordinances — such as one proposed by an Atlanta city councilman last year — that would control dress.

I personally agree with's about time boys (as well as some men--scary!) take their appearance seriously! I think it's ridiculous how unaware they are of how appearance affects their life. In addition, if we as young ladies stop thinking it's so cute, maybe boys will stop walking down the street falling over their pants! It is sooooo note cute! Get some swagger and stop looking like a goon! Think more Kanye and Common...less Plies (yuk!)...think about it!

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