Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kenya maternities greet Obama and Michelle

Little Obamas and Michelles were coming to the world in maternities all over Kenya -- one woman managing both at the same time with a pair of twins -- as the party mood continued Wednesday in the nation where the US president-elect's father was born.
In the New Nyanza provincial general hospital in Kisumu, the capital of the region which is home to Barack Obama's ancestral village, Pauline Adhiambo gave birth to twins she named Obama and Michelle.

At least eight other boys were named Barack or Obama -- or both -- in this hospital alone while maternities in the capital Nairobi and across the entire country reported new namesakes for the future occupants of the White House.

"I consulted my husband and we agreed the name Barack Obama would be ideal for our baby boy because the whole town and the entire world was very enthusiastic about Barack Obama, and we believe he is a great man," said Josephine Anyango Anyango.

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