Saturday, June 21, 2008

July Issue of Italian Vogue will feature all black models!

I told u...I told u....!

A month ago, I mentioned that there were whispers that Italian Vogue was set to release an issue featuring all black models. Well, that time has arrived! The July issue is set to release in Italy next week and in the States mid-July. Italian Vogue has used only black models for the July issue of the magazine, in a statement against discrimination in the fashion world according to the UK Telegrapher.

More than 100 pages of the issue, including the cover, will feature images of black women taken by the acclaimed New York based photographer Steven Meisel.

The pictures will be accompanied by articles on successful black women in arts and entertainment.

The move is in reaction to recent anger over the reluctance of fashion magazines to feature black models on their covers. Many industry insiders claim black girls are not used because they just "do not sell".

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