Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you a leader...probably so!

A survey found that half of white children do not view themselves as leaders, compared to two-thirds of minority children who believe they are leaders.

The Girl Scouts of the USA study released Thursday found that 75 percent of African-American children and young Hispanic females currently consider themselves to be leaders, compared to about 50 percent of white children who see themselves as leaders.

Experts said minority females are more likely to value their capabilities because they typically have higher levels of responsibility in the community and at home. Children described leaders as individuals who value team work, defend their principles and attempt to better the world, The Washington Post reported. The children reportedly contradicted themselves when they mostly identified with the classic top-down leadership style.

Judy Schoenberg, research director for the Girl Scouts, said the children "see a disconnect between what they aspire to and what is."

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