Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do Something: New Year's Resolutions

It's that time again, when we reflect on the events of the past year with a mind to self improvement. Here are our 5 picks for this year's resolutions.

1) Get physically fit - for health's sake!
January is a very busy time in gyms and recreational centers, but most people sign up to sweat with weight loss in mind. If you want and need to lose weight then this is a noble resolution to make, but all of us can benefit from adopting a healthy fitness regimine. African-American teens are chronically "under-fit" and it is time that we all shaped up. Getting fit will increase your energy level, make your complexion glow, keep illness at bay, keep your mind sharp and yes, even make your clothes fit better. Give fitness a try, whether losing weight is among your goals or not, because being fit is great!

2) Give some of your time away - become a volunteer!
Now is the time to focus on our desire to help when the world seems determined to make us see how people cause hurt. There is great satisfaction in helping others, in doing something to somehow make the world a better place. In volunteering you can find out first hand how great it is to be among those who make a positive difference in this increasingly crazy world.

3) Study hard - plan for the future today!
It seems like an eternity has yet to pass before you have to worry about a career, but the clock is ticking faster than you realize. Before you know it you will be graduating into the adult world. Getting good grades now can help lay a solid foundation for you to make all of your dreams come true. By taking the time to do your best in school now you insure greater opportunities in life when you are an adult. The best favour the young you can do for the grown up you is make the extra effort to do well in school right now. Even if school is very difficult for you, even if you have a learning difference, you will always benefit from trying your very best.

4) Just say no! Stay away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
At Teen Advice we spend a lot of time looking at the darker temptations of youth; drugs, alcohol and smoking. Almost every teen will cross paths with one of these "foes" before they become adults, the trick to beating them is to be prepared for them. When trying one of these vices most teens site peer pressure as the number one factor in influencing them to experiment. This year, resolve to beat peer pressure whenever, and where ever, it challenges you.

5) Lose weight if you need to, stay fit if you don't.
Youth and dieting is a very controversial issue. While obesity in children and teens is at an all time high in the Western world, the reality of eating disorders and unrealistic ideals can't be ignored. Some teens really do need to lose weight but many do not. How can you tell if you should go on a diet? We have eight questions you must ask yourself before going on any sort of weight loss program.

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